Packing Tips For Fragile Items

Packing Tips For Fragile Items

Sub 60 is a quality courier in Brisbane that delivers from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and back with a variety of options and services to meet your needs. We offer standard, express, and urgent deliveries as well as dedicated deliveries for direct services. We guarantee fast response times regardless of the service you choose, and you can even track your booking on our easy-to-use site. Our commitment to customer service is unparalleled, and whether you need to send important documents or valuables, you can count on us to get the job done properly.

We can ship almost anything, including small, fragile, and valuable items. We never use conveyor belts or use risky automated processes that could result in your products or packages being damaged or lost. We take the utmost care with your items, whether you’re shipping documents and equipment or china and antique stemware. However, we also recommend properly securing your items before transport to keep them safe and secure throughout their journey until they’ve reached their final destination. Follow these packing tips to keep your fragile items protected.

Use the right packages and materials

Sudden shifts, small vibrations, and big bumps are all potentially hazardous to breakables. Padding will absorb these jarring movements so your fragile items remain intact. Towels and blankets might seem like readily available packing materials, but they don’t offer sufficient cushioning against the type of jostling and bumping that can happen when items are being moved by hand or vehicle.

Instead, we recommend you use:

  • Loose fill or packing peanuts designed to fill gaps in boxes;
  • Bubble wrap;
  • Polystyrene for a close fit around specific items;
  • Corrugated fibreboard for more structured protection;
  • Heavy-grade paper for wrapping items or stuffing into gaps; and
  • Sturdy new moving boxes in appropriate sizes.

Use the right packing techniques

The packaging material can only protect your fragile goods if you use the proper technique when packing them. Certain items require specific stacking or wrapping methods for optimal protection, including plates, glasses, and light fixtures.

Plates should be stacked with packing paper or bubble wrap separating each plate. Once you have five plates in a stack, gently place the entire stack on its side in a box that has been lined with more bubble wrap or crumpled packing paper. Fill in any loose gaps with more crumpled paper. Don’t stack more than five plates, and don’t pack them horizontally like pancakes in a box.

Glasses also need to be protected using paper. Fill each glass with crumpled tissue paper, then roll the glass in another layer of paper. Cover the entire bundle with a layer of newspaper or heavy-grade paper and place gently in a bubble wrap-lined box. Do not stack glasses together, and if you can, use a divided box specifically designed to hold glasses.

Lamps can be trickier, but they can also be safely packed and moved. Separate each part of the lamp, including the bulb. Wrap the stand first using newspaper or packing paper, and place it on its side in a box using crumpled packing paper to fill in all the gaps. Wrap the shade in tissue paper and the bulb in bubble wrap, and package them separately.

No matter what you’re packing, remember not to overpack. Pack heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in bigger boxes. If you have a variety of items with mixed weights, pack the heavier items in the bottom of deeper boxes with the lighter items on top. Keep boxes on the lighter side to ensure they are more manageable.

Use clear labels

Boxes should be labeled as to content and room, but they should also have ‘fragile’ labels to ensure everyone who handles the box is aware it contains breakable items. Label the top of the box to indicate the direction in which it should be moved and stored.


Communicate your needs

Even if you’ve clearly marked your boxes, let your courier in Brisbane know which boxes need special handling. You simply cannot communicate too much when it comes to your heirlooms and breakables, and we’re happy to take whatever extra steps are necessary to protect your most precious property.

The next time you need to transport your fragile or valuable items, contact Sub 60 to book your service.

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